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Junying Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Company has been concentrating on manufacturing and selling of aluminum alloy die castings. Junying’s products cover different fields. Our die casting products include LED heat sinks, headlight heat sinks, LED bulb housings, high bay light covers, street light covers, motor housings, engine parts, auto covers, components for cars, telecom stands, military set up boxes, IPone cases, IPad cases, auto reflection cups. Junying has invested a lot in research and development of die casting technology since its founding. With our ISO 9001 registration, Junying can meet your exact specifications using state of the art equipment, a strong management team, a highly skilled & stable workforce. We stick to the principle of quality first. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best die casting service. Junying employs skilled QC personnel and engineers to ensure the quality of our products.
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Junying Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Company has become one of the best and most diversified die casting companies in the world. We can provide shoes accessories, IPhone & IPad cases, ceiling light covers, heat sinks, street light covers, down light housings, lamp shades, connection parts for machines, auto parts, motorbike parts, engine parts, military set up boxes, etc. Each year, Junying puts one third of the profit into research and development of die casting products. Junying has its own factory in China, which is different from other suppliers. So Junying can offer you the lowest factory price. With our excellent quality and service, most of our products are exported to western countries, such as the United States and a lot of European countries. If you are looking for aluminum alloy die casting products, Junying is your ideal supplier.
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China Topper Aluminum Die Casting Company
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